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UMCRM Annual Report

Strategic Planning and Missional Work

for 2016 Annual Meeting

2014 saw the birth of the UMCRM Association. In its second year, your UMCRM board fully engaged the reality of operating an association. The learning curve is steep, but our team is up to the challenge. We enter 2016 with a more complete understanding of who we are and how we function as representatives of our United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.

As 2014 came to a close and the 2015 National Event drew near, the UMCRM board adopted a working committee structure.  Committee chairs were named and members recruited. Missional initiatives that had been too unwieldy to address as a full board were assigned to committees for research and proposals. Time lines and cost estimates were reported to the board. The executive committee prioritized initiatives based on perceived missional impact, time required to deliver and cost. Our proposed 2016 budget was drafted to include those mission priorities. Committees have now been charged to implement the following initiatives with all deliberate speed:

·       Education - Replacement for the Common Ground certification program
·       Executive - Collaboration with UM Treasurers Association
·       Member Services - Online Resource Library
·       Member Services - Development of Ethnic Leaders
·       Development - Legacy of Leadership Annual Fund
·       Executive - Collaboration with the Outdoor Ministries Connection
·       Member Services – New member onboarding
·       Development - UM Camp and Retreat Ministry Endowment
·       Executive - Collaboration with ACA

Collaborations and continued work on a vision statement for our association will be key influencing factors of the next steps for our work in 2016.

The single most critical strategic work of our association is to develop a culture of collaboration to which we all contribute. Our greatest strength as an association is the collective talents and experience of our membership. In 2016 we will expand our efforts to be good stewards of that strength in our work.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside the members of this association and look forward to continuing to strengthen our ministry together.

Questions?  Please contact our Association Registrar

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