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  iMeet Web Conferencing - Instructions for Use

At least 20-30 minutes before the call… (For first-time iMeet users)

1. Log in to www.imeet.com/ngumc/ngumc


Download and install the appropriate iMeet app from www.imeet.com. The app works faster than the website. (If you use the app, either before or immediately after Step 2 below you will need to enter the UMCRM Meeting Room. “Search” for NGUMC or use the web address above.)

2. Create a username and password by entering your email address and a password.

3. Upon entering iMeet you will be prompted to “Connect Audio”. It is recommended that you use your phone,

rather than using audio through your computer. You may select “Call My Phone” to have iMeet call to connect you or you may select “Dial In” to receive a dial-in number and key code for connecting to the call.

4. You should see a box with the UMCRM logo in the center of your window.

Scroll over the “UMCRM Online Meetings” at the bottom of that box to reveal five icons.

      The left-most icon allows you to turn your webcam on and off.

      The second from left opens your “Connect Audio” box.

      The third icon opens your profile information. You can complete it at this time if you wish. It allows uploading a picture that will display if you choose not to use your webcam.

The fourth and fifth icons are for use during the meeting.

      The fourth icon enables you to “raise your hand” during the meeting.

      The fifth allows you to step away from the meeting momentarily.

5.  If you need to share a document during the meeting, it is helpful if you upload that document prior to the

meeting’s start. At the bottom of the “Meeting Room” is a “Share” link. On following it you can see the files that

have been uploaded and may choose “Add New File”. That will open a window with which you may access the files on your computer and may find and select the file you wish to share.

6. You are now ready to join the meeting! Guests to the meeting will not be able to enter the “UMCRM Meeting

Room” until the host is logged in. You may choose to log out and log back in closer to meeting time or you may stay logged in and will automatically join the meeting when the host opens the room.

At least 5 minutes before the call…

1. Log back in to your iMeet account.

2.   “Connect Audio” and receive/make your phone call to connect to iMeet.

3.   Turn on the webcam should you wish.

4.   Find the “Raise Hand” and “Step Away” icons on the bottom of the center box.

5. Locate the three buttons in the lower left hand corner of the “UMCRM Meeting Room” window.

      The left hand button reveals the meeting participants.

      The middle button opens a chat box that is accessible to all participants.

      The right hand button allows participants to take notes on the meeting that are recorded along with the chat, the files shared and the audio recording of the meeting.

6.     Wait for and greet meeting participants as they come on line.

Questions?  Please contact our Association Registrar

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