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  • 21 Apr 2014
  • purchased thru UMCRM, shipped to you the first week of May


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Base fee:
  • Yes, I'd like to purchase one or more banners/displays.

Order deadline is April 21.
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UMCRM has created a banner display set for use by any UMC camps or conferences. It's great for Annual Conferences, camp fairs, or other events where you are promoting Camp & Retreat Ministries. Interested camps or conferences can purchase just one or two banners or the whole set. We've negotiated a discount if we can get orders/pledges for at least 20 pieces. 

Detailed descriptions:

#1 Large horizontal map banner. 96x54 zippered fabric pillowcase-style display includes stand with optional risers (so it can be used on table or floor) & padded carrying case. Artwork shows our 220 UMCRM sites on a US map, the UMCRM web address, and features diverse camp and retreat photos.  Camp & Retreat Ministries are kind of a big deal, and this banner helps to illustrate that.  Price: $704

#2 Vertical 36x84 vinyl roll-up banner features the 7 Foundations of Camp & Retreat Ministry + photos, includes metal stand and carry bag. An inspiring reminder of "what we're about" for your staff, board, and constituents, and an educational tool for newcomers.  Price: $239

#3 Large tablecloth matches the wood-look theme of the large horizontal map & 7 Foundations banners. Artwork features UMCRM mission statement. Fits in the large banner's carry bag for easy transport as a set.  Price: $249

#4 Vertical 18x72 vinyl roll-up banner features CCCA "Power of Camp" infographic. Its detail will make passers-by stop for a closer look. Includes metal stand and carry bag.  Price: $211

Cost of shipping to your site is additional, depending on which pieces you order and the shipping address. UMCRM will invoice you after all orders are received.

Questions?  Please contact our Association Registrar

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