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Compass Points testimonials – Spring 2019

14 Mar 2019 4:12 PM | Jen Burch (Administrator)

I've appreciated the chance to dialogue with my UMC peers and with peers from other denominations about the similarities that we share and the different challenges that we face.  I also really appreciated the experience in our Biblical and Theological reflections class of working through the challenges in our different denominations and that we are not alone in those challenges, but share the opportunity to work together.

- Sarah Ratz, Director, Beersheba Springs Assembly

We so often forget that our camp’s “problems” are not just ours; everyone else is experiencing and navigating the same challenges. To be in Compass Points and to have an honest space where conversations about our difference led us to that common ground was SO refreshing. 

- TayLa Fugate, Program Intern, Cedar Crest Camp

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