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New Season of Intentional Leadership Groups Starts Soon

07 Aug 2019 3:23 PM | Jen Burch (Administrator)

The Intentional Leadership Group (affectionately, “ILG”) program is a new avenue, facilitated by our United Methodist Camp Retreat Ministries (UMCRM) Association, to bring together leaders in supportive community at least monthly to inspire and encourage each other in growth as spiritual leaders of camp/retreat ministries. 

We choose to belong to an association that enhances the Christian missional effectiveness, vitality, and sustainability of UM camp and retreat ministries across the connection. One pivotal factor influencing whether we will reach this horizon together will be our own intentionality to grow as spiritual leaders capable of guiding adaptive change. As a circle of colleagues, we are and can become even more, a community of leaders committed to a common direction through mutual support of one another in life and leadership. 

ILGs are designed to provide what many of us long for – a network of colleagues and friends as a source of real encouragement, learning, and energized shared vision as we journey forward together. Each group forms its own unique covenant to know each other, care about each other, and strengthen each other in going deeper both in spiritual growth and leadership while also reaching specific missional effectiveness goals for our own settings of ministry.  An online platform is used so group members from across the country can learn and grow alongside one another.

Here's what current Intentional Leadership Group members are saying about the benefit they have seen from being a part of their ILG:

“Great to have supportive people around the nation who understand the struggles and triumphs of camp and retreat ministry. Very helpful to bounce ideas off of.”

“I enjoyed learning from people who work in a variety of roles in UMCRM and learning about the diversity of programming and opportunities our ministries provide throughout the nation!”

“I deeply appreciate this opportunity to continue to stay connected with peers outside of my specific geographical location. One of the things I crave in this mainly solitary ministry, are for relationships with others who understand. My ILG are those people. And I'm so grateful for this experience for bringing us together.”

“I loved connecting with folks from different camps! It brought me really valuable perspective.”

“The thing I enjoy the most is the community, and having the time to just take a breath and fellowship with others.”

This year the program has been revamped based on the feedback and recommendations from last year’s group members. We would like to invite you to join a group during the ILG program year that goes from September 2019 to May 2020. You can sign up for a group based on the availability in your schedule by going to this registration page. On the registration page you will be able to see the meeting spots available and who has already joined each group. 

Are you part of a group from last year that would like to continue meeting during this upcoming year? Let us know by emailing jessica.gamache@umcrm.org. We will then connect you with resources to help your group grow in fellowship and leadership in the coming year. Included in these resources will be new session guides, a Zoom account link specific to your group, along with automatic meeting reminders. 

We invite you to deepen personal connections and care of colleagues in ministry by being a part of the ILG program. 

– The Intentional Leadership Group Curriculum Team: 

Rev. Ron Bartlow

Jessica Gamaché

Rev. Chris Kindle

Geneé Morrison

Sarah Ratz

Rev. Kevin Witt

Questions?  Please contact our Association Registrar

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