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"In The Kitchen" Gathering: A Message from Event Co-Chair Matt Williams

01 Sep 2021 10:16 PM | Jen Burch (Administrator)

Wesley Hall at Jumonville

There’s only so much planning for a National Gathering that can happen remotely, so the Design Team for In The Kitchen was thrilled to be able to gather in person last week at our host site, Jumonville. Between poking our heads into every space that we’ll be utilizing in October and enjoying some incredibly delicious meals, the team focused on all the details that will make the Gathering in October truly special. 

"In The Kitchen" Design Team group shot: Jeff Wilson, Matt Williams, Becky Valenzuela, Bruce Nelson, Stacey Dickson, Collin Grooms, Allison Doyle, and Ethan Porter. August 2021

Fellowship is always an integral part of our National Gatherings, but as the team experienced first-hand last week, its role is now more important than ever—and can be done safely even in these uncertain times.

One of the primary ways we will be able to maintain a safer environment is to place a hard cap of 150 registrations. As of today, this means there are only 24 spots remaining. The not-so-great news is that all the single- and double-accommodations have been spoken for (fortunately, the cabins we’ll be using on site have ample space and there are multiple hotels & motels within twenty minutes of Jumonville.) The good news is that you have until 11:59pm MT on Thursday, September 9th to take advantage of Early Bird Registration.

We aren’t being hyperbolic when we say “register today!” 

P.S., The scratch-made Italian Wedding Soup is worth the price of registration alone.

Matt with gator at 2019 National Gathering in Florida

Matt Williams is the Director of Sky Lake Camp & Retreat Center in Upper New York. He and inimitable co-chair Heather Withrow are herding the cats/ wrestling the gators/ mixing up the ingredients for "In The Kitchen." 

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